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   Nine Dinner Dances each year 
   Thursday night socials 8-10 pm (Dancing, Coffee, Cake)
   Reasonably Priced Group Dance Lessons 


   Couples only (Membership Limited to 150 Members)
   Proficiency in at least four ballroom dances
   $140.00 annual dues per couple

Applicants must be competent in at least four ballroom dances (preferably Waltz, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot and Rumba). Applicants must also demonstrate Floor Craft, understanding Line of Dance and proper dance courtesies.

Prospective members may attend socials and dances at the invitation of their sponsors.

After your application has been received, your dancing proficiency will be examined  by the Examining Committee and submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

We look forward to seeing you at our socials or dinners and hope that you find our club to be an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

​More detailed information can be found below.

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Staten Island Ballroom Dancers - Getting Started with Ballroom Dancing
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Membership Requirements:

     • Annual dues - currently $140 per couple - must be paid by January 31st.

     • Members (at least one partner) must attend a minimum of three monthly business meetings per year.

     • Members are expected to occasionally host Dinner Dances and Thursday evening socials.

     • Member fees are $3.00 per person for the weekly socials when there are group lessons.

     • Member fees are $5 for monthly meetings and social dances when there are no lessons.

     • Members are invited to volunteer and participate in all club activities.

     • Note: There are no business meetings in July or August.

Staten Island Ballroom Dance - About Ballroom Dancing
Staten Island Ballroom Dancers - Dance Steps

Thank you for your interest in the Staten Island Ballroom Dancers Inc. We are a private, fun and informal  social club dedicated to promoting and stimulating interest in ballroom dancing, and we welcome couples who share our passion for all of those wonderful, classic dances that at times seem forgotten.

​Information for Prospective & New Ballroom Dance Club Members

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