Social dancing is a non-competitive version of Ballroom and Latin dancing. It is comprised of all the same dances, like Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, or Swing but designed to be used in practical settings like weddings, nightclubs, business functions, or informal gatherings.  It is easier to learn and get started then American or International style of ballroom dancing.

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Check out all the resources our website has to offer and reach out to us for more information.  The Staten Island Ballroom Dancers are Dedicated to The Promotion of Ballroom Dancing on Staten Island.  We are a Fun and Informal Social Club For Those Passionate About Ballroom.  We all started out just like this so just have fun & get started!

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One of the easiest Smooth Ballroom dances to learn is the waltz. This slow and smooth dance has partners gliding across the floor, and it only uses four steps. Dances borrow many movements from one another and the steps you learn for the waltz will carry over to many other smooth dances such as the Foxtrot, Swing and Hustle.  Click Here to Learn More.

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Because there are so many types of dances some of them certainly rank as more difficult; they may have a higher number of steps, more complicated sequences, or faster tempos. Some beginning dancers might be better at certain steps than others, but generally speaking here are the top easiest ballroom dances to learn.

You can learn ballroom dancing from online videos, following printed dance patterns for Men and Women, taking group lessons or by taking private lessons.  Many people also get started by learning a wedding dance routine

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You’ve thought about taking up ballroom dance and perhaps taking lessons, it seems like a great activity after all, but you still can’t shake the fear.  Rest assured many people who have taken up Ballroom Dancing socially have had and still have the same fears, even after learning dances.  Look closely and you will see dancers miss steps, the key is to just keep on going and get back into the groove of the music.  

What keeps you from ballroom dancing socially?  Some might say; looking foolish on the dance floor, for others it is a fear of meeting and talking to new people, and still for others hurting parts of your body.  Paradoxically Ballroom Dancing itself helps people overcome these fears. Then, how do you get started?

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One of the easiest Latin Ballroom dances to learn is the Salsa.  It is one of the most popular Latin dances in the world!  Salsa is great for beginners, because it's a simple dance to learn but very impressive to watch. The word “Salsa” means spicy or hot in Spanish, giving this dance its heat!  And like smooth dancing many of the dance movements carry over to other Latin dances.  Click Here to Learn More.

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