Our August 2016 Dance Hosts

"Hot Summer Nights"

Harvey & Maureen Berkowitz

Lynne Persing & Joe Reitano

Our December 2015 Dance Hosts

"Annual Holiday Dance"

Terry Clementi, Norbert Phillips, Mary Ann Mazza, Mimi Kenny and Vinny Laraia

Our June 2017 Dance Hosts
Rock & Roll
Judith &Henry Medefindt
Michele & Brian Licari

Our October 2017 Dance Hosts

Boot Scootin' Ballroom

Lisa & Bill Gessert

Iva & Bill Loftman

Our September 2016 Dance Hosts

"September Song"

Artie & Joleen Perlman

Tom & Joan Springstead

Our July 2017 Dance Hosts

Summer Rose Party

Jack & Virginia Strandfeldt

​Joe & Barbara Galiszewski

Our Annual Holiday Dance December 2017

Our Board of Directors

"Annual Holiday Dance"

Our April 2017 Dance Hosts

​Swingin' Into Spring

​Mary & Jim O'Donnell

​Mary-Ann & Frank Magliano

Our March 2017 Dance Hosts
Welcome Spring
Igor & Iraida Berger 

Herbert & Frances Modica

Our April 2016 Dance Hosts

"Spring Dance"

Rudy & Luz Hernandez

​Roberto & Mercedita Rubiano

Our March 2016 Dance Hosts

"St Patrick's Day" 

Manuel & Nelly Peraza

Gary Burkhardt & Ana Cosentino

Our June 2016 Dance Hosts

​"Summer Wind"

Paul & Mary Ann Stallone

Mario & Margaret Cavuto

Our December 2016 Dance Hosts

"Our Annual Holiday Dance"

Vinny Laraia, Terry Clementi, Norbert Phillips, Angie Seff, Mimi Kenny 

Our February 2016 Dance Hosts

"Valentine's Day Dance"

Richie & Maryann Mazza

​Tiffany and Jerry Megna

Our July 2016 Dance Hosts

"​Midsummer Night"

Gil & Rosario Inigo

​Edmund & Nidah Miguel

Our August Dance Hosts

Enchantment Under the Sea

Iris Hershenson & Jaimie Blackman
Ann Marie McDonald & Vincent Verdi

Our November 2016 Dance Hosts.

"Dance Under The Harvest Moon"

Amy & Ken Kollar

Diane & Tom Zerega

Our Valentines 2017 Dance Hosts
Love is in the Air Dance
 Elias & Margaret Arout

 Lorraine & Jim Ryan

Our November 2017 Dance Hosts

Autumn Serenade

Linda & Jerry Mulnick

​Janet Gross & Larry Flaum