Our Annual Holiday Dance December 2017

Our Board of Directors

"Annual Holiday Dance"

Our February 2016 Dance Hosts

"Valentine's Day Dance"

Richie & Maryann Mazza

​Tiffany and Jerry Megna

Our July 2016 Dance Hosts

"​Midsummer Night"

Gil & Rosario Inigo

​Edmund & Nidah Miguel

Our June 2016 Dance Hosts

​"Summer Wind"

Paul & Mary Ann Stallone

Mario & Margaret Cavuto

Our December 2015 Dance Hosts

"Annual Holiday Dance"

Terry Clementi, Norbert Phillips, Mary Ann Mazza, Mimi Kenny and Vinny Laraia

Our December 2016 Dance Hosts

"Our Annual Holiday Dance"

Vinny Laraia, Terry Clementi, Norbert Phillips, Angie Seff, Mimi Kenny 

Our July 2017 Dance Hosts

Summer Rose Party

Jack & Virginia Strandfeldt

​Joe & Barbara Galiszewski

Our April 2017 Dance Hosts

​Swingin' Into Spring

​Mary & Jim O'Donnell

​Mary-Ann & Frank Magliano

Our October 2017 Dance Hosts

Boot Scootin' Ballroom

Lisa & Bill Gessert

Iva & Bill Loftman

Our August Dance Hosts

Enchantment Under the Sea

Iris Hershenson & Jaimie Blackman
Ann Marie McDonald & Vincent Verdi

Our June 2017 Dance Hosts
Rock & Roll
Judith &Henry Medefindt
Michele & Brian Licari

Our April 2016 Dance Hosts

"Spring Dance"

Rudy & Luz Hernandez

​Roberto & Mercedita Rubiano

Our March 2016 Dance Hosts

"St Patrick's Day" 

Manuel & Nelly Peraza

Gary Burkhardt & Ana Cosentino

Our September 2016 Dance Hosts

"September Song"

Artie & Joleen Perlman

Tom & Joan Springstead

Our August 2016 Dance Hosts

"Hot Summer Nights"

Harvey & Maureen Berkowitz

Lynne Persing & Joe Reitano

Our Valentines 2017 Dance Hosts
Love is in the Air Dance
 Elias & Margaret Arout

 Lorraine & Jim Ryan

Our November 2017 Dance Hosts

Autumn Serenade

Linda & Jerry Mulnick

​Janet Gross & Larry Flaum

Our November 2016 Dance Hosts.

"Dance Under The Harvest Moon"

Amy & Ken Kollar

Diane & Tom Zerega

Our March 2017 Dance Hosts
Welcome Spring
Igor & Iraida Berger 

Herbert & Frances Modica